A short list of reasons why no one should take this industry seriously
Everything interesting about Something Interesting itself
Plus Binance is making everyone nervous but it is Trump NFTs that will usher in the end times.
How to prepare for a future where computers are more and more useful. 🙀
Plus the mathematical case for nation states to hold bitcoin and Twitter is a dignity trap for billionaires.
Sam Bankman Fried wants you to know this was all just a big misunderstanding.

November 2022

How FTX investors gave SBF $1.8B and didn't ask any details
The unfolding FTX implosion keeps getting worse
SBF bends the knee and surrenders FTX to the House of Binance
What can we learn about Proof-of-Stake from watching Ethereum actually run it?
Alameda probably isn't insolvent but SBF doesn't look as clever now.

October 2022

Plus the US government has de facto control of the Ethereum network.