The ongoing consequences of the death of Terra/Luna
or other kinds of crime either I guess
Plus a city made of Bitcoin and DJ Pauly D on inflation
Plus the Madness of the Apes and the new frontiers of bling
Anyone who told you Bitcoin was slow was selling you something
Plus Bitcoiners are psychopaths are the worst trade in the history of NFTs
Plus how to lose $625M without flinching and Greenpeace works for Ripple now.
In this issue: Hello friends! Thank you all for reading my thoughts and sending me yours. I wanted to share a bit of personal news: my family is…
Plus the true price of nickel and Floyd Mayweather has not learned his lesson
Plus the end of the dollar and the rise of $1M Bitcoin
If you were never angry about JPEGs, you don't need to be angry about JPEGs people can own.
In this issue: This essay took a long time but it felt good to write! There are always details I couldn’t get to in the main post with that I’m glad for…