Duly noted.,

Such an unfortunate turn of events for ETH, once you dig into the nitty gritty. Not only will Large entity staking providers compound control over time, it also has very little benefit for the environment as noted by yourself.

This leads me to think there has to be some aspect of future innovation that adds some variability in the way this beast moves forward. There just seems to be very little reasoning for the for hard fork in the first place - It is adding complexity in light of scaling, but in the process neglects all the aspects that blockchains was innovated for in the first place.

Just seems odd to me. Maybe you can shed some light here for me. Why the abrupt focus on scaling the network? Does lighting network not have similar if not better capability’?

Such great work, i compliment you enough as is 👌 so I just went ahead subscribed, this work is highly under rated.

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Thank you for the support! Tell all your friends! :D

I think the focus on the Merge here has never really been about the practical implications and always been about the implied number-go-up story. Sometimes the emphasis is on tokenomics (issuance goes to zero! ultrasound money!) and sometimes the emphasis is on ESG narratives (proof of work is wasteful! proof of stake is sustainable!) but the underlying motives are always: buy my bags because in the future they will be more expensive.

Regrettably I don't think LN has the functionality needed yet to step into the role that the EVM is currently filling. I have hopes for it but it will likely be slower as it is fundamentally more complex (though with good reason). Here's hoping! :D

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