I think you need to distinguish between commercial 'art' produced to fill advert space, and real art produced by an artist to speak to our spirits and 'say' something. And I think the paralegals I know would say you don't understand their job. Maybe you meant typists, or basic secretarial services? And it's funny that the examples you offer of AI writing are crap, like a trained parrot imitating speech, but with no real value. My 6 year old has written better haikus because her sense of humour and human creativity comes through in the twist in the last line. And I do not want my child to read or listen to robot created stories written with her name stuck in there as a trick. I want her to read stories written by a human author who has something to say, who has experienced the world, who understands what it is like to be a child, who can stir her spirit.

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