An updated list of useful context to understand my biases and perspective.

This is a living document meant to help be a quick reference for anyone wondering how my background, work history or personal holdings might be influencing my perspective. It is up to date and will remain so.


I have a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Carleton College in Minnesota and a Master’s degree in Game Theoretic Artificial Intelligence from Brown University in Rhode Island. I also have an Executive MBA from the UC Berkeley Haas School of Business.

Work History

I worked for just shy of ten years Google, mostly on the Google Chrome Browser leading a team of Product managers responsible for Security, Privacy, Payments and the Omnibox. I worked for brief windows at Reddit (where I led the Knowledge/ML teams) and at Pinterest (where I led Ads Quality). Since then I have been writing for Something Interesting full time.


My crypto portfolio is 100% Bitcoin, although I occasionally will transact in other coins and tokens to test things out. I do own a handful of NFTs but I own them for collector purposes not as investments. I strictly use Bitcoin for dollar-cost averaged savings, I don’t try to time the market and I don’t day trade.

Something Interesting

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