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Something Interesting is an independent, ad-free summary of the major news in the cryptocurrency space, along with my explanation and commentary. Understand everything happening in crypto with a ten minute read, 2-3 times a week. Free subscribers get access to all my content, but paid subscribers get access to the discord and the archive of older content. Team subscriptions are also available.

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The Something Interesting community is a group of deep thinkers from across tech and finance who are interested in the cryptocurrency revolution but have neither the time nor the interest in sifting through the shills, scams and snake oil whitepapers to figure out the real truth. Our goal is to process the mountain of information that crypto generates every day and bring back a handful of diamonds, along with the context you need to understand why they are interesting or important.

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My name is Tyler Odean, but I usually write under the pseudonym knifefight. I was a product manager for around 12 years, mostly at Google working on the Chrome Browser but also at Reddit leading the ML/Ranking teams and then finally at Pinterest leading Ads Quality. For the last seven years I have been increasingly fascinated with Bitcoin and the radical, still-unfolding transformation of the world it has begun. I now work as a product leader at Blockstream. You can learn more about me from my disclosures or on Twitter (@Knifefight).

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